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A freelance writer/journalist, aspiring novelist, U.S. Army veteran and two-time semi-final winner and finalist in the Allvoices American Pundit Contest. TJ enjoys writing about many different subjects ranging from politics to current events. He is also a telecommunications student majoring in electronic media production.



Failure by design: The rise and ultimate fall of ISIS

Currently touted as one of the most serious threats to global security, ISIS, ISIL or the Islamic State, continues its reign of terror as it ostensibly attempts to unite all Muslims under a caliphate ruled by its enigmatic leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. A caliphate is a form of Islamic government led by a caliph who is considered a political and religious successor to the prophet Muhammad and leader of the entire Muslim community. In many ways the caliph is analogous to the pope who is considered the religious and political leader of the Catholic Church. It would be a noble undertaking attempting to unite all Muslims and quell the infighting if not for the questionable methods purportedly being used by the IS. Although many world leaders including President Barack Obama have voiced concerns over the propagation of the organization and its threat to national security, it appears that the s...
By on Feb 10, 2015

New information emerges as whistleblower professor makes shocking claim about Ebola outbreak

As doctors and researchers continue their fight to bring the latest Ebola outbreak in West Africa under control, one professor say he knows exactly why this outbreak has reached epidemic proportions. Tenured professor and writer of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, Dr. Francis A. Boyle alleges that the recent Ebola outbreak resulted from the release of the virus from a US-funded bio-research laboratory in the region. Boyle's controversial accusations come as revelations emerge that the State Department is secretly considering bringing foreign Ebola patients into the US for treatment and after the White House announced it is halting funding for experiments that attempt to make biological agents more dangerous. The research known as “gain-of-function” is aimed at studying and in some cases altering the pathogenicity of certain infectious diseases. These experiments can aff...
By on Oct 30, 2014

Should states be allowed to impose tougher Ebola quarantine restrictions?

With the Ebola epidemic still raging, the latest round of political wrangling involving how to handle health workers returning to the US from the hot zone has spurred its first legal challenge. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidance on dealing with individuals possibly infected with the Ebola virus, however, some states say the CDC protocols are too lax and have enacted their own rules. Ebola has claimed more than 10,000 victims, fueling fears in the US that health workers returning from disease-ravaged regions of West Africa could potentially spread the lethal virus. These new individual state guidelines come after the still-unexplained infections of nurses Amber Vinson and Nina Pham at a hospital in Texas and are now being challenged after treatment nurse Kaci Hickox allegedly received when she arrived in the US after treating patients as a volunteer with th...
By on Oct 29, 2014

'Ebolagate' scandal begins with hearings, finger-pointing, partisanship; more spin to come

In the wake of Ebola's arrival in the US, politicians are gearing up to do what they do best — bicker. The seeming incompetence of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention debacle over allowing an Ebola-infected person fly aboard a commercial airliner, along with other serious faux pas, is exactly the sort of fare politicos thrive on. With the Ebola menace looming, the political stakes are higher than ever and there is no doubt that both Republican and Democrat alike realize that much stands to be lost or gained over how this perceived crisis is handled. Indeed. Ebola has entered the political arena as a potential game-changer that could dash the hopes of some and elevate those of others. With election time nearing, there is as much scrambling for political dominance as there is for a tenable solution to Ebola in America. Despite appearances, ...
By on Oct 20, 2014

Ebola strikes second health worker prompting more safety concerns, questions

A second health worker has tested positive for Ebola at a Texas hospital amid concerns that conventional hospitals in the US may not have the capacity to care for Ebola patients. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas confirmed on Wednesday that the unidentified female medical worker tested positive for Ebola and has been placed in isolation for further treatment. Officials said the patient was isolated within 90 minutes and has had "minimal" contact with others. A special hazardous materials team has been dispatched to decontaminate the worker's residence while medical authorities attempt to locate everyone who had contact with her. This is the second known case of Ebola transmission in the US and the third infection diagnosed in the country. As the West African Ebola outbreak continues to spiral out of control, international health officials made the dire prediction that new infe...
By on Oct 15, 2014

Ebola: The unexpected terror attack

Despite a multibillion-dollar intelligence apparatus and a military force second to none, America still managed to get hit with another terror attack. This time it didn't come in the form of hijacked planes or a dirty bomb detonated by some nefarious organization. In fact, the attackers came via the most benign and poignant way imaginable. Who could have imagined that a desire to rekindle a relationship and have a better life would herald the arrival of some of the most lethal killers in the world? More unpredictable than ISIS and more deadly than al-Qaida, these microscopic terrorists are already wreaking havoc in parts of Western Africa and now Ebola attempts to gain a foothold in the US, but the powers that be have vowed to beat back this deadly menace at all costs—almost. Since Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola, there have been calls to close the borders to travelers from t...
By on Oct 12, 2014

Mistakes mount at Texas hospital as 2nd Ebola case confirmed

A nurse who treated Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan has tested positive for the virus, medical officials announced on Sunday. The unidentified female nurse cared for Duncan at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where he died from the disease on Oct. 8, after arriving in the US from Ebola-ravaged Liberia more than a week ago. Atlanta Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Tom Frieden said that the nurse's exposure and subsequent infection was the result of a “breach of protocol.” The nurse placed herself in isolation when she began running a low-grade fever, officials said. The woman was not part of the 48 individuals who were initially being monitored. The nurse's infection is the first known transmission of Ebola in the US. The hospital said the nurse was wearing full protective equipment at all times while in contact with Duncan. This latest infection brings...
By on Oct 12, 2014

The 2014 Ebola outbreak: When you should head for the hills

There is no denying that the current Ebola outbreak is serious business but how concerned should we be? The short answer is we should be very concerned about it. However, does the present situation warrant the amount of angst being felt by those who see the outbreak as an impending cataclysm? A quick search of the Internet with your search engine’s auto-complete feature enabled will reveal that more than a few people are concerned about the crisis. For example, by typing in the words, “will Ebola,” several dire completions to the question show up with one finishing it off as, “end the world.” As expected, several articles come up, however, among the more than 37 million results, about halfway down the first page, there is an attention-grabbing headline that reads, “ 'In 1976 I discovered Ebola - now I fear an unimaginable …” Naturally, any headline beginning with a quote like this is eno...
By on Oct 09, 2014

UPDATE: Another Texas city epicenter of possible new Ebola infection: Police, Hazmat crews at scene

Texas medical officials say that there is very little chance that Deputy Michael Monnig has Ebola. Monnig was part of a team that entered the apartment, where Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan was staying when he became ill, to serve the remaining occupants a quarantine order. On Wednesday, Monnig went to a Care Now clinic in the Dallas suburb of Frisco complaining of fatigue , muscle aches and other symptoms consistent with Ebola infection, prompting authorities to temporarily quarantine the facility while Hazmat-suited first responders entered the building to check staff and other patients. Monnig was transported in a specially prepared ambulance to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for further evaluation, officials said. Despite the major response, authorities say that there is "very minimal" chance that Monnig is infected, citing an "abundance of caution" for their actions. "Initial r...
By on Oct 08, 2014

Texas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan dies

Thomas Eric Duncan, the patient being treated in Texas for the Ebola virus, has died, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas said Wednesday. “It is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we must inform you of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan this morning,” the hospital said in a statement. Duncan was pronounced dead at 7:51 a.m., according to the statement. Duncan captured worldwide attention by becoming the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola outside of West Africa. He was also the first person known to arrive in the US without the knowledge of medical authorities. Duncan was receiving treatment with an experimental antiviral drug, which began after his condition got worse. Doctors believed that the drug, brincidofovir, was the last best hope of helping Duncan recover from the deadly infection. Medical officials drew criticism from Duncan's family members who s...
By on Oct 08, 2014