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Herb is a retired paralegal, and a writer based in Chicago. Herb also works part-time for National Able Network (a national nonprofit) assigned at the moment to Roosevelt University as a tutor to seniors and ex-offenders in computer skills, literacy skills, job-readiness skills, social skills (how to beat the "New Jim Crow.") He's been a freelancer for many years, appearing in such rags as the Chicago Defender Newspaper, Ebony Magazine, Essence Magazine, Emerge Magazine, the Washington, D.C. Afro-American Newspaper, the Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper, C.L.A.S.S. Magazine, the Chicago Reader Newspaper, Indiana State University Black Literature Forum, BlackTalkRadioNetwork.com, WVON-Talk Radio, Chicago, Voxunion.com, DissidentVoice.org. Of course, he's been working on the Great American Novel since birth. He's never appeared in any so-called mainstream outlet (and hasn't really tried) because....well, just read him and you will get the message. Herb is a Vietnam War veteran (U.S. Navy...He'd been drafted into the army, but quickly enlisted in the Navy hoping to avoid Vietnam. His ship's very first port of call after boot camp in San Diego -- DaNang Harbor, South Vietnam). Herb has a masters degree in Political & Justice Studies. He relishes any and all comments, criticisms, critiques.



No indictment expected in Ferguson; Michael Brown's parents ask UN for help

So we’re not against people because they’re white. But we’re against those who practice racism. We’re against those who drop bombs on people because their color happens to be of a different shade than yours. And because we’re against it, the press says we’re violent. We’re not for violence. We’re for peace. But the people that we’re up against are for violence. You can’t be peaceful when you’re dealing with them. – Malcolm X, Feb. 16, 1965. Officer will not be indicted It is being widely reported that the St. Louis County grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown case will be made public Monday. Official-unofficial "sources" say that Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted for shooting the unarmed teenager to death in August as Brown reportedly tried to surrender to him. And, despite recent news that Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson would resign because of this case, it now appea...
By on Nov 17, 2014

FCC head responds to Obama's call for net neutrality

President Barack Obama's hand-picked boss of the Federal Communications Commission has responded to the president's recent remarks urging Internet neutrality. And his comments do not bode well for those hoping for continued free access and free-flowing info on an “information super-highway” formerly known as the World Wide Web. Indeed, just hours after Obama made a strong statement last week supporting “net neutrality,” Wheeler told a group of Internet executives essentially not to worry about Obama or his remarks. He repeatedly told the electronic high honchos that, despite Obama's call to reclassify the Internet as a public utility, that his is an "independent agency." As reported by The Washington Post, Wheeler soothed the officials minds and ruffled feathers with assurances that they need not worry about neutrality. He was speaking to major Web companies, including Google, Yahoo, and...
By on Nov 17, 2014

New video: Officer Darren Wilson uninjured after killing Michael Brown

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has released new surveillance videos of Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer Darren Wilson just hours following his fatal shooting of 18-year-old, unarmed Michael Brown. That incident, of course, ignited weeks of sometimes violent protest in that city, and galvanized this nation-state and, indeed, the entire world, around the ongoing issues of police brutality, police militarization and black folks' general untouchable-class existence here. Wilson, 28, is depicted exiting the Ferguson police station flanked by an unidentified officer and a police union lawyer (also unidentified) two hours after the killing. The Post-Dispatch also revealed calls from the scene by Wilson to his dispatcher. Those conversations provide a real-time timeline as to exactly how long this unfortunate encounter between Brown and Wilson took -- less than 100 seconds. According to the video...
By on Nov 16, 2014

Derrick Rose is not Michael Jordan

Chicago Bulls guard and the 2011 NBA Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose refused a request from coach Tom Thibodeau to practice last Thursday.  Rose attempted to explain Tuesday why he felt he did not have to countenance his coach's request. “It’s like on to the next,’’ Rose said. “Just try to keep it moving. It’s a new day. Just trying to think about the team.” But why refuse to practice when you are obviously healthy, someone from the assembled press asked him. “Really I was just being myself. As long as I’m being myself, that’s the only person I can be. As far as saying anything, probably blame me for thinking about the future, I’ll probably think different, but that’s all I was doing.’’ Or, how about his response to critics, including fans, who say that he is deliberately refusing to play or practice despite his big contract? “No, no, but I could care less,’’ Rose said in his familiar mo...
By on Nov 14, 2014

Obama impeachment is 'on the table'

“I have said it before and I will say it again: Impeachment is off the table.” – Nancy Pelosi, Nov. 8, 2006  The above statement by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) followed the Democratic Party's 2006 midterm elections victory in the House of Representatives. Indeed, all of the votes had not even been fully counted before Pelosi rushed to inform the media that “impeachment [of President George W. Bush] is off the table.”  The New York Times at the time noted that it was not just the obvious, blatant and documented “high crimes and misdemeanors,” of Bush that had no place at Pelosi's table. She also pledged to not treat the suddenly minority party House Republicans in the same dastardly manner as the Republicans had treated the Democrats when they were in the minority. No, schmoozed Pelosi, as a gesture of good will, peace, love and happiness, the “olive branch” of “bipartis...
By on Nov 12, 2014

Ted Cruz -- Net neutrality is 'Obamacare for the Internet'

President Obama has made his most forceful statement to date in support of net neutrality. On Monday, he urged the Federal Communications Commission to reclassify and treat the Internet as a public service utility in the same sense that telephone companies, gas, water and electricity supply providers are so classified and treated. Such a move, according to net neutrality proponents, would stop Internet Service Providers in their tracks as they rush to create fast and slow lanes based on a user's payment of “tolls” and fees. Ideally, “net neutrality” means that both ISPs and the government agencies which oversee them would have to treat all users and their data on the Internet equally. Specifically, no discrimination or differential pricing schemes would could be obtained in accord with a user's, content, site, platform, application, type of equipment, or mode of communication. Neutrality...
By on Nov 11, 2014

Better late than never -- Obama picks black woman to head Justice Department

After putting two women on the US Supreme Court without even interviewing a single black female federal judge for that position, President Obama has finally done the right thing by his most ardent and loyal supporters. Obama has named a black female federal prosecutor to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder. Loretta Lynch, 55, is from North Carolina. Her mother was a school librarian and her father a Baptist minister. According to Wikipedia, as a child, Lynch often spent hours alongside her father as they monitored the goings-on in the courthouse of Durham, North Carolina. This early grounding in court processes apparently fired her imaginings about what “justice” was supposed to look like. Lynch's father often regaled her with harrowing stories of her grandfather, also a preacher, who ran a modern version of the Underground Railroad, in the 1930s. That's right...her grandfather...
By on Nov 08, 2014

No matter who wins Congress, Obama loses

By on Nov 08, 2014

Black minister says blacks elected Illinois' new GOP governor

Chicago's mega-church Pastor James Meeks is crediting the city's black community for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn's loss to Republican billionaire businessman (and first-time office seeker) Bruce Rauner. Meeks has been named to Rauner's transition team and spoke of what he calls the black community's rejection of the Democratic Party — at least in hac pro vice (for this one case/election): “If they [Democrats] don’t keep their promises or respect us or try not to deliver, we have shown them we can vote for somebody else,” Meeks told the Chicago Sun-Times. And there is solid ground for Meeks' statement. Rauner got nearly 21 percent of the vote in the city’s 50 wards. Chicago is not quite 40 percent black, so that means a that sizable — perhaps a record — portion of its black voters rejected the traditional Democratic Party label and crossed over to the Republicans. Rauner, in fact, did have th...
By on Nov 07, 2014

Haitian immigrants' daughter first black GOP woman elected to Congress -- and she's a Mormon, to boot

On Tuesday, Mia Love became the first black female Republican to ever be elected to Congress. As the Salt Lake Tribune wrote: Love was making her second bid for Congress after falling to Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson by a slim 768 votes two years ago — despite having the benefit of Mitt Romney at the top of the ticket in a heavily Republican district. This time, Matheson, the only Democratic member of the Utah delegation, sat out the race, leaving Congress after 14 years. His departure made Love an immediate front-runner for the seat and left Democrats in a pinch. Who is Mia Love? Thirty-eight-year old Ludmya (“Mia”) Bourdeau was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1975. Her parents had just emigrated from Haiti in 1973, after leaving their older sons behind. Thus, Mia was what conservatives normallly and perjoratively like to call an "anchor baby." Indeed, according to Love herself, her birth ...
By on Nov 06, 2014