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I am a two-time Stanford graduate, the Community Manager at FanIQ.com, and a big fan of good food, good trips and good games. My master's degree is in journalism, and in my spare time I like to write, write, write and am currently doing my first bit of fiction--a snarky novel.



Broncos star QB Peyton Manning to keep playing after Super Bowl

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning may have sustained injuries that had made everyone think his sports career had come to an end but he always showed people otherwise. Now at quite an advanced age for NFL players but still in fit form, the quarterback who could barely throw a ball a few years ago says that he still has some good years left in him. The Broncos are heading into the Super Bowl where they will face the Seattle Seahawks. Manning has had a Hall of Famer career and going out of the NFL with another Super Bowl ring does sound good. But Manning isn’t planning quitting anytime soon and still wants to give what he can to the team. Manning said the only time he would contemplate retiring would be when he could not give much more to the team. As long as he could contribute he would still play. "If I can't produce, if I can't help the team, that's when I'll stop playing," Manni...
By on Jan 27, 2014

College Football opening day: No. 9 South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt preview

It's Thursday, which means the college football season is finally here. Go ahead: Grab a beer, cook a few brats and watch the game on the new HD television you bought specifically for this occasion. You deserve it. No. 9 South Carolina takes on SEC foe Vanderbilt in a matchup that's sure to raise some eyebrows. The Commodores were 5-2 at home last season and are looking for their third bowl appearance in 30 years (and second straight), while the Gamecocks are searching for a conference championship. Here's a preview of the first scheduled college football game of the year. What to expect with South Carolina: A heavy dose of 2010 first-team All-American running back Marcus Lattimore. Coming off a short season due to an ACL tear, many are wondering how the senior will debut after injury. Vandy struggled to contain the run last year, allowing 130.5 yards per game—and that was with graduated...
By on Aug 30, 2012

Martin Söderström shreds in Barcelona

Barcelona might be known as a classic city of Cathedrals and beaches, but in this video the only landscape you'll see is the dirt. Oh, and Martin Soderstrom shredding the terrain on his mountain bike. Soderstrom is a Swedish dirt and slopestyle biker with a unique style. In this video you can see that still on display, thanks to the slow-motion shots and creative camera angles. Soderstrom came onto the biking scene in 2007 and remains one of the sport's most entertaining riders....
By on Apr 04, 2012

FanIQ releases a trio of bracket games

Looking for some games to play during the NCAA Tournament this year? Look no further than FanIQ's March Mayhem, where there are three games for fans to enjoy. All are free to enter and have prizes for the winners! The first is a standard bracket game--pretty simple. The second is a little more interesting. Do you feel lost amid all the talk of brackets? Is college basketball not your favorite sport? Do you enjoy the fanfare around the court as much as what is going on on it? If you answered yes to any of those questions, FanIQ's Battle of the Mascots could be for you. It's easy to play--it's just a bracket with team names replaced with mascot names, and the order of the teams is jumbled. The last game is a 10-team pick'em game which can be fun for both new and diehard fans. Lastly, don't forget to follow FanIQ coverage of the tournament for the next three weeks!...
By on Mar 14, 2012

Daytona 500 writing contest: win a Danica Patrick autographed picture

Do you like Danica Patrick? Will you be watching the Daytona 500 this weekend? If you answered yes to either of those questions than you should definitely enter FanIQ's Danica Patrick Daytona 500 writing contest. It's pretty simple. For the next week bloggers can submit articles on FanIQ.com about the Daytona 500, or NASCAR more generally, and the two best win! But what do they win, you must wonder. Well, that's the good part. The two best contestants will each receive an autographed Danica Patrick picture, a miniature die-cast racecar and a JR Motorsports t-shirt. Not too shabby! So dust off that keyboard, start writing, and maybe you'll have Danica Patrick hanging on the wall of your bedroom for years to come!...
By on Feb 24, 2012