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Why attend ad:tech NY 2014? Here’s an explainer for you (and your boss)

There are only a few weeks left for ad:tech New York 2014 to open its doors, which means time is running out for those of you who haven’t yet registered and started making plans for attending this event. After all, tickets for the event are being sold at a discounted rate right now, alongside special offers with respect to rates on accommodation options in New York. Keeping the above in mind, we can’t help but wonder about those of you who haven’t yet registered for the event: well, why haven’t you done so already? Perhaps it’s because you aren’t—or maybe your boss isn’t—yet convinced on why you should attend ad:tech NY 2014. If that is indeed the case, then here are three basic reasons that will tell you why this event is worth being a part of: 1. Learn from the experts: ad:tech New York has been traditionally known to host some of the most influential voices in the digital media arena,...
By on Oct 17, 2014

With HBO's and CBS’ new offerings, the online streaming space is getting a lot more crowded

A day after HBO announced that it will be launching a stand-alone Web streaming service in the United States, CBS also threw its hat into the online television ring by announcing Thursday that it is starting its own digital streaming service as well. While HBO plans to debut its offering only in 2015, CBS All Access is already live, with over 6,500 episodes available on demand right now, alongside episodes of current shows on the channel, and options for live television viewing as well. (CBS is now offering a one-week trial service of CBS All Access—head to its website to know more about the offer.) It’s pretty obvious that CBS and HBO are trying to take on Netflix with their new offerings—Netflix, after all, is the undisputed leader of the pack right now, with its online streaming service boasting more than 36 million subscribers in the United States and total revenue of $1.4 billion. W...
By on Oct 17, 2014

How to make your presence felt at ad:tech New York 2014

As we inch closer to the opening of this year’s edition of ad:tech New York, we expect that exhibitors at the event are getting ready to showcase themselves in the best way possible on the expo floor. Given the sheer number of companies expected at the event, exhibitors will need to think innovatively on how they can attract visitors to their booths. Here are a couple of ideas to make yourself stand out as an exhibitor at ad:tech New York 2014: Get started on your social game: Yes, the event happens only in November—but talk about ad:tech New York 2014 has already started on social media. Look out for the #adtechNY hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, and use the same in your posts as well—besides being an easy to call attention to yourself, this will also help you identify fellow attendees of the event and allow you to plan for meetups and discussions at your b...
By on Oct 10, 2014

Snapchat to feature ads soon, CEO Evan Spiegel says

We can’t say we are surprised: Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has confirmed that advertisements will be appearing on the ephemeral messaging app “soon.” Spiegel made the revelation Wednesday during a discussion with Katie Couric at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, although he didn’t specify when exactly the Snapchat ads would make their debut. Spiegel noted that the ads that will appear on Snapchat will not be “fancy,” i.e., they will not be targeted. “You just look at it if you want to look at it,” he said. “And you don’t if you don’t.” According to Spiegel, ads on Snapchat will be focused on “telling a story that leaves people with a new feeling,” indicating that they will appear as part of the app’s Our Story feature, which it debuted earlier this year in June. Snapchat’s Our Story feature allows Snapchatters to contribute their Snaps around a particular theme or ev...
By on Oct 10, 2014

Meet the finalists:  Alex and Ani Startup Spotlight at ad:tech NY 2014

With four Startup Spotlight challenges running at this year’s edition of ad:tech New York, there are a total of 15 companies that will be vying for your attention at this series of competitions. Here, we take a look at four of the startups that will be participating in the Alex and Ani Startup Spotlight at ad:tech NY 2014: Klick Push According to Klick Push, “EVERYONE has a type of music,” and that’s the principle its digital marketing platform uses to build creative advertising campaigns with curated tunes that consumers would want to engage with. After all, getting free music downloads for engaging with an ad campaign does seem like a reasonable bargain, and if anything, consumers love a good deal, which makes Klick Push’s offering one that we should take a closer look at during ad:tech NY 2014. Reelio Sure, influencer marketing has a lot of benefits, but how can a brand go about findi...
By on Oct 03, 2014

With BendGate, Apple gets roasted by its rivals… again

We had only just gotten over all the snide comments made about Apple’s newly-launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus when BendGate happened and brought with it a whole new line of jokes made at the Cupertino-based company’s expense. Samsung was, once again, one of the most prominent voices in the anti-Apple tirade that swept the social Web following BendGate. One of the Samsung-centric images that made the rounds on the Internet showed a likeness of the iPhone 6 Plus prostrating before what appeared to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with the tagline reading “Bend to those who are worthy.” (While it has been hard to figure out if Samsung was behind this image, it nevertheless helped in Samsung's Apple-trolling exercise.) HTC used the occasion to highlight its offering, the HTC One M8, commending the smartphone’s sturdy design to withstand the most demanding environments—“like your pockets.” (One...
By on Sep 30, 2014

Meet the finalists: Nestle Pure Life Startup Spotlight at ad:tech NY 2014

As we get closer to this year’s installment of ad:tech New York, here’s a look at the four companies that have made it to the finals of the Nestle Pure Life Startup Spotlight challenge at ad:tech NY 2014: Grapevine Given the appeal inherent in influencer marketing, Grapevine offers brands the chance to work with “the largest advocate marketing network” on one of the best platforms out there for such an enterprise: YouTube. Besides connecting brands with relevant and reliable advocates on YouTube, Grapevine also allows clients to measure the success of these efforts with real-time data and insights as well. Idea Evolver Idea Explorer seeks to change the way we perceive the three letters “SEO”—for this company, SEO stands for search experience optimization. “It’s about data driven content experiences, design and technical compliance—not keywords,” the company declares, proudly showcasing s...
By on Sep 30, 2014

Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo rank high in list of Google's top search ad buyers in 2013

Amazon may be trying hard to build up its own search and display ad business a la Google, but that hasn’t stopped the online retailer from spending big on Google search ads all the same—in fact, Amazon was Google’s biggest American search ad buyer in 2013. According to an AdAge report, Amazon spent $157.7 million on Google U.S. search ads in 2013, which made it top the list of Google’s biggest search marketing advertisers in the last year. In second place was Priceline Group, which spent a total of $82.3 million, followed closely by AT&T, which bought Google search ads for $81.9 million in 2013. Amazon’s top slot on this list is particularly noteworthy considering a report by The Wall Street Journal in August that said the retailer was using knowledge about its shoppers on the web to develop its own advertising platform to challenge Google’s dominance in this particular market. At the sa...
By on Sep 19, 2014

Meet the finalists: Heineken USA Startup Spotlight at ad:tech NY 2014

It’s time to place your bets—the finalists for this year’s ad:tech New York Startup Spotlight Series have been announced, which means the stage is now set for not one but four exciting competitions to play out on the ad:tech NEXT stage in November. In anticipation of the event, we at AllVoices are taking a closer look at all of the companies that made it to the final round of this series. To start things off, here’s our take on the startups that qualified for the Heineken USA Startup Spotlight challenge at this year’s edition of ad:tech New York: Instinctive With a recent study revealing that 69 percent of marketers think native advertising is valuable, Instinctive’s presence as a finalist in this Startup Spotlight challenge is hardly surprising. Instinctive, a native advertising and content syndication platform that helps brands and agencies build “deep storytelling experiences” for con...
By on Sep 19, 2014

A checklist for ad:tech New York 2014

As the date for this year’s edition of ad:tech New York draws closer, here’s a short checklist for those of you planning to attend the event—how many of the below points have you already thought about? 1. First up: Have you registered for ad:tech New York 2014 yet? If not, head to the ad:tech site right now and get your passes for the event. Remember, the sooner you register, the better it will be for you, not just in terms of prices for the tickets but also to get yourself better prepared and ready for the event. 2. How will you get to ad:tech New York 2014, and where will you stay while you are here? Here’s another reason to be an early bird registrant for ad:tech NY 2014—airfares to New York are bound to be lower now, compared to what they will be later. As for finding suitable accommodation in the city while you are here—ad:tech has a few suggestions that could be of use to you. 3. W...
By on Sep 12, 2014