Veronica Roberts

August 14, 2011 Somalia]-----Despite more aid now on the ground in Somalia, only 20 percent of the population is reportedly receiving the much-needed help.

According to the BBC, though the Islamic Militant group al-Shabab has withdrawn from the main city of Mogadishu after clashing with the African Union Peacekeepers and troops from the interim government, they still controls much of the rural areas.

This prevents the aid workers from helping the starving people of those regions. Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali has reportedly set up a special 300-man force to protect aid convoys delivering food as well as provide protection in the camps when food is distributed.

The situation in Somalia is still unstable and dangerous and last week, 7 people were killed in a clash with government forces over food. The refugees accused the troops of trying to steal food meant to feed the hungry and said it was very unsafe in those camps.

Apart from the dangers of al-Shabab there is corruption in government as well for one refugee reportedly said that the troops shot at them "like they were the enemy."

Amid the civil unrest, more aid is reportedly arriving daily. 3 flights from the United Nations High Commission For Refugees flew into Somalia last week as well as flights from UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP).

A total of 12 million people are affected by the deadly famine in the Horn Of Africa, 3.6 million in Somalia alone.

A small donation of $7, provides therapeutic food for a malnourished child, so if you can afford to spare a little, the following charities are accepting donations online:

The British Red Cross

The Kenya Red Cross


Save The Children

International Rescue Committee

The ELCA World Hunger Relief

The U.N. Children's Fund

International Medical Corps

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