Veronica Roberts

Mogadishu, Somalia]------29,000 children have died in 90 days. Tens of thousands more Somalians have starved to death in what the United Nations is calling the worst humanitarian crisis of the year.

7 died in violence over food on Friday as the catastrophic drought and civil unrest escalate in the African country. A million people are reportedly at risk, 500,000 children included.

The World Food Programme is asking for global help for the magnitude of the crisis is daunting. They need a projected $342 million to help feed 11.3 million people in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, reports the AP.

According to the HuffPost, the UNHCR is asking for a small donation of $7, which provides therapeutic food for a malnourished child.

The following charities are accepting donations online:

The British Red Cross

The Kenya Red Cross


Save The Children

International Rescue Committee

The ELCA World Hunger Relief

The U.N. Children's Fund

International Medical Corps

There are several crises presently ravaging many around the globe and we may all suffer from what I like to call a little CBO--'Crisis Burn-Out' but we cannot turn our backs on innocent, dying children. so choose who you want to donate to and give whatever you can afford. Every little token counts.

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