Veronica Roberts

August 1, 2011]----A few big pieces of legislature have passed through Washington since President Obama took office and on every deal his modus operandi has been "I did not get what I wanted so I was forced to make the tough choices." Or something like that. They made him do it, his back was against the wall and he had to salvage the deal for the good of the' American people.'

I have heard the phrase, "the American People" so many times from both sides of the aisles, that I now have an aversion to it. It is misused, abused, trampled on and beaten senseless. If our politicians really knew what the American people wanted, they would not have made this ineffective deal--and both sides are guilty of woefully grandstanding and exploting the situation at our expense.

When the historic Healthcare reform was signed into law, his suppporters thought that is was a victory for the President, fellow Democrats and millions of Americans who truly needed coverage. Then they got a glimpse of what was written inside and realized that it was so watered down to please his Republican colleagues that one wonders if it was historic after all.

Then there was the extension of those Bush-era tax breaks for the top earners in this country. For another 2 years. All eyes were on the President to see what his move would be. Again, many of his loyal supporters were anticipating a strong stance on this one. Surely, he had it in the bag. With the struggling economy, high unemployment and a growing resentment in the country from hard-working folks at the cushy tax deal enjoyed by millionaires and billionaires--surely he had promising negotiating power?

No such luck. President Obama used the same defense that by now has begun to wear very thin. He was held hostage. He had to do it to get unemployment benefits extended for needy Americans. Same old tired spin and the Republicans seem to come out on top.

Now we have the debt ceiling crisis: again the President gave a good speech on not letting millionaires/billionaires 'corporate jet owners' get away from not paying their 'fair share.' "Shared sacrifice" was his motto for moving forward. Current deal doesn't reflect any of the President's earlier frequently repeated rhetoric.

He was forced to make this deal for the "good standing of America's debt obligations." It seems our President is always backed into a corner where he is 'forced' to make these less than ideal deals.

When is he going to force the other side into a corner?