Veronica Roberts

June 30, 2011, San Mateo, Ca]----Hollister, that retailer of sexy, beachy casual-wear, reportedly fired a young Muslim woman for refusing to remove her headscarf while on the job on February 2010. She is now suing the retail chain.

The store, which is an affiliate of Abercrombie & Fitch, retails nationwide and attracts a young, hip clientele. The workers are also mostly young folks themselves who are required to dress in the same fare they sell: casual sandals, tees and jeans.

Despite the dress code, 20-year-old Hani Khan, who is a Muslim, was hired October 2009 to work at the San Mateo California branch, Hijab included.

Khan alleged that management was in agreement with her wearing the traditional Hijab headscarf at work, providing it matched company's colors.

Apparently that agreement changed for Khan was reportedly ordered to remove her headwear at work on the grounds that it did not match the company's image. When she refused, she was fired.

In a press conference on Monday, the young college student said she was unfairly fired and that, "This case is about principles, the right to be able to express your religion freely and be able to work in this country."

Hollister fired back, saying they are a very diverse company, in fact "one of the most diverse in the U.S.A." and that a jury will see that they broke no laws.

What do you think:Was Hollister justified in firing Ms. Khan or did they discriminate against her religion?

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