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June 27, 2011, Indiana]---New disturbing details have emerged in a case that is already gut-wrenching to read. Indiana authorities reportedly now have letters written by the 13-year-old Christian Choate, who died locked in a dog cage after years of severe abuse by his father and stepmother.

The letters allegedly reveals that Christian was deeply depressed and often wrote that he wanted to die. He also wondered why his family didn't love him and why no one came to rescue him from the hell he was living.

Child Services had reportedly visited the Choate family numerous times but failed to notice the abuse and rescue the boy.

Christian died since 2009 in Gary, after his father kept him locked in a 3 feet high dog cage for an entire year, only letting him out to eat, use the bathroom and to endure severe beatings.

Now reports reveal details of the day he died. Father Riley Choate allegedly brutally battered his son after Christian couldn't keep food down and was throwing up. He was then thrown back into the dog cage where his 15-year-old sister, Christina later found him unresponsive.

Reports say she unlocked the cage and tried to revive him but it was too late. Christian had died. His father and stepmother, Kimberly Kubina, simply buried him in a shallow grave near their mobile home.

His death and abuse was never reported until May 2011, when sister Christina, now 17, called the police after the family moved to Kentucky.

She said she was afraid to report her brother's death before for her father Riley had threatened her. She was not allowed to go to school or talk on the phone. He left the family in May so she felt safe to call the police.

No one noticed that the 13 year was missing for he too didn't attend school. His step-mother took him out claiming to home school him. His biological mother reportedly lost custody of Christian and two other children some time ago. Whether she kept in contact with them is unclear.

Both parents are now behind bars and have pleaded not guilty to the lengthy charges, which include murder, battery, neglect of a dependent, confinement, obstruction of justice, moving a body from a death scene and failure to notify authorities of a dead body.

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