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BREATHLESS MOM UPDATE from the site 6/25/11:

"Today’s post is a message sent to me a short while ago by Sharlie’s mother, Collette, in response to my inquiry about Sharlie’s condition, having learned of her hospitalization last week. It’s one you’ll want to be sure and read. We ask that everyone who reads this please support us over the next 9 days in AGGRESSIVELY promoting this Breathless Mom fundraiser so we can raise the funds Sharlie needs for her transplant by June 30th.

Here is the message from her mother, which I am posting with her permission:

Hello Heidi -

I am currently here at the hospital with Shar. I have pretty much been living at the hospital or if I’m not here, I’m helping Ryan with Harrison.

The timing of your fundraising efforts could not have been better. When you first approached me, I wondered if we weren’t a little premature (maybe I was just in denial) but this hospital stay has brought the reality of what Sharlie is facing to the forefront.

To give you an update…after nine days in intense treatment, Sharlie started feeling a little better yesterday. Interestingly, her pulmonary function tests were actually a little lower yesterday than they’d been when she came in, but she feels more energy. Today seems even better and we’re hopeful she’ll be able to come home next week.

The time has come to aggressively pursue her transplant options. We’re looking at several transplant centers and Sharlie will start the evaluation process as soon as she is released from the hospital. Then, we wait…wait for a possible cadaveric donor. We will most likely start screening for possible living donors as well just in case time starts running out. You might be aware that Shar lost a very dear friend, Katrina, last week because she simply ran out of time waiting for a transplant. We want to be ready for every eventuality.

Heidi, I guess I’ve known this day was coming, and honestly, Sharlie has defied the odds and extended her timeline so many times I still can’t believe we are moving forward with transplant. In all the research I’ve been doing, one of the first considerations is fundraising. Without any complications, double-lung transplants can run from $400,000 to around $800,000 and of course, if there are complications, the costs can skyrocket. Your efforts…and the efforts of all those involved in The Breathless Mom project have been a blessing we didn’t ask for or expect but appreciate beyond words.

Please extend my gratitude to all involved.

With Love,


We at Breathless Mom urge you to please support this fundraiser by using the promotion model we’ve provided you and is outlined below:

1. Purchase one of the Breathless Mom product specials to enrich your own life or the life of someone you know and forward it to them as a gift.

2. Turn around right away and find 3 more people in your life to purchase a product for themselves or as a gift for someone they know and ask each of these 3 people to turn around and repeat this same process with 3 people they know and so on and so on, keeping the model moving.

3. As many times as you are willing between now and June 30, 2011, repeat steps 1 and 2.

This model WILL work to raise the funds Sharlie needs by June 30th if we can get as many people as possible to follow this model, just as described above. Please help us raise these funds for Sharlie. Please help us save Sharlie’s life. Please take action right now. Today. Immediately, if you can and are willing.

Thank you for all of your support, every one of you.

Heidi D. Lee

Co-Founder and Director of Breathless Mom

*Author's note: PLEASE share this link (or the direct link to the site ) - and visit Breathless Mom on Facebook. For more info see my previous post.

The more people we can get involved, the more quickly we can get Sharlie her new lungs.

I want to feel good about saving a human life - how about you?