Veronica Roberts

June 16, 2011, NY]-----Has the mystery of the iconic Rapper Tupac Shakur's 1994 robbery and shooting attack finally been solved?

The famous rapper was gunned down and robbed in New York's Manhattan Quad studio on November 30th, 1994 and has gone unsolved these 16 years, along with his subsequent murder 2 years later.

Dexter Isaac, currently behind bars serving a life sentence for robbery, murder and other convictions not related to this crime, has reportedly confessed to the 1994 attack of the rap star, saying he shot him 5 times.

Isaac's statement released from prison on Wednesday June 15, one day before Tupac's 40th birthday would have been, said he was paid $2,500 by an associate of Tupac's, James 'Jimmy Henchman' Rosemond, to shoot and rob the popular rapper.

'Henchman' Rosemond is the CEO of Czar Entertainment who is currently on the FBI's wanted list for evading cocaine and other legal charges. He has also reportedly implicated Isaac who is now singing like a canary.

According to, Isaac claims this long-held confession was to help give Tupac's and fellow slain rival rapper, Biggie's mothers some closure.

Isaac statement says he has proof, for Rosemond had thrown in whatever jewelry he got off Tupac as additional payment. He claimed Rosemond took one of the diamond rings himself to give to his girlfriend and that he Isaac still has one of the gold chains he took off Tupac.

Tupac wa later shot and murdered on September 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada and his death shook the hiphop/rap world to the core. One year later, on March 9th, 1997, his rival The Notorious B.I.G., better know as Biggie Smalls, was also fatally gunned down in a drive-by in Los Angles. Many attributed the bloodshed to an East Coast/ West Coast rap rivalry and retaliation for 2Pac's murder.

To this day both slayings remain unsolved.

Incidentally, they are some who subscribe to the conspiracy theory that say Tupac is not dead but is in hiding.

Tupac Amaru Shakur, known by his more popular stage name 2Pac, was born June 16, 1971 in East Harlem New York. The young, edgy rapper had made quite a name for himself before his life was cut short. He reportedly sold over 75 million records as of 2007 and I'm sure that figure has skyrocketed since then.

He was also a budding actor, who held his own on the big screen next to singer/actor like Janet Jackson in the popular movie Poetic Justice.

Read Isaac's statement: here.