Maryann Tobin

Orlando Florida is arresting people who have been giving food to the homeless.

Members of a group called Food Not Bombs have been setting up tables and giving away free food to homeless and poor people in Orlando, Florida.

The Mayor of Orlando, Buddy Dyer, has been having them arrested in violation of a local ordinance which bans feeding more than 4 people at a time more than twice a year.

Dyer called the group donating the meals, "food terrorists."

With unemployment and foreclosure rates in Florida among the worst in the country, it would make sense for Orlando to consider repeal of the ordinance.

Budget cuts to programs for the poor like Food Stamps are under the threat of being slashed by republicans who do not think low income Americans deserve the right to eat.

If people in private organizations are arrested for doing what the government can't or won't do, then people will simply starve. If this is the America the Tea Party wants then Orlando is the showcase for bad government, regardless of how big it is.