Veronica Roberts

June 8, 2011]-----Experts are now saying what I have always been a believer of: that separate bedrooms may improve your marriage. My friends thought I was crazy to advocate such a thing. Afterall, isn't marriage about sharing everything?

Not necessarily. I don't believe couples have to share everything and sleep together in the same bed every night, to be committed, caring and have vibrant, healthy, sizzling sex lives. In fact, on the contrary, a little space to breathe, stretch out and be yourself can do wonders for your relationship.

Remember when you were dating, how excited you would get at anticipating the evening--what your lover would wear, look like, smell like, have in store for the night? Well sleeping in separate rooms can bring back that mystery and allure.

Making dates to visit each other's room, spend the night on long luxurious 'sleep-overs' can do wonders for your sex life and deepen the intimacy.

You might be an all-nighter while your partner may be an early snoozer and this arrangement eliminates that conflict. Another major problem that can be avoided with separate boudoirs is if one has the dreaded snoring on blast at nights. You can have an intimate interlude, then retire to separate quarters to sleep in peace.

Some of you may ask what happens to cuddling all night if you and your lover are sleeping separately? You can still have warm, fuzzy times in bed whenever you like. nothing is written in stone. The point is you both have a space you can go to when you want some time for just you.

Apparently some experts agree with me and have chronicled this premise in a new book called separate bedrooms are actually not so uncommon. They suggest separate bedrooms as a way to spice up or jump-start a mediocre marriage. Below is an excerpt:

"If it's possible, consider separate bedrooms. You'd be surprised how the creation of privacy and nonmarital spaces in a marriage might help. Already one in four Americans sleep in separate bedrooms or beds from their spouses. The National Association of Homebuilders predicts that by 2015, 60% of new homes will be designed with "dual master bedrooms."

What do you think: separate bedrooms can be new and exciting or a damper on intimacy?