Veronica Roberts

June 6, 2011, Jacksonville, FL.]---------State Prosecutor Angela Corey will try 12-year-old Christian Fernandez as an adult for kilin his 2 year old brother David in his Jacksonville, Florida home on March 14.

Corey defended the decision to try Christian as an adult under the charge of 1st degreee murder by saying, "We have to protect the public from this young man...we have no other choice."

Christian has been indicted on first degree murder which carries a sentence of life in prison. His mother has also been charged with aggravated manslaughter in little David's beating death. Her two other children are in the care of the state.

According to First Course News, the 12 year old defendant beat his brother over the head, delivering 2 or more blows causing the toddler to bleed internally. He died two days after being hospitalized.

Christian is awaiting trial behind bars at the juvenile county jail, in a separate area to other inmates. At first, he was in the adult jail, cahrged with first degree murder.

But this case is not as black and white as it seems. Christian was allegedly abused by his stepfather who later committed suicide when he learned he was going to be arrested. His mother was a teen mother, who gave birth when she was also 12 and both grew up in foster care. Reports say she often left Christian to care for his baby brother and when the tragedy occured, he was alone with the baby. When the mother finally came home, she reportedly waited 6 hours before taking the toddler to the hospital.

What do you think: should a 12 year old be tried as an adult and given life in prison?