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Sharlie is a young wife and mother who is running out of time; she is battling the horrifying nightmare of cystic fibrosis.

We aim to save her.

It's only been 9 days and we've managed to raise over $38,000 towards Sharlie's double-lung transplant.

But time is running out - we need you to get involved now and make a difference for this brave young wife and mother who has been beating the odds.

Remember that old commercial "When you can't breath, nothing else matters'? Well, for Sharlie Kaltenbach, every breath is a heroic struggle for life - yet even so, she has lived far longer than most cystic fibrosis patients, and has a loving family who is determined to keep her with them for a long time.

You can read more about her cause here, but the very best way to explain this cause and the innovative new fundraising idea being implemented to help Sharlie, is to watch to these videos by supporter and marketing pro Tina Williams of Wildhorse Performance Marketing.

Tina explains things so beautifully in her presentation that even if you're a not a marketer but 'just a person' (like you and me), you'll see how you can make a real difference.

The best part is, we're not just asking for handouts - even if it is for a very important cause.

What we're doing is giving you a chance to get something back, build a business if you want, or generate a customer base for yourself while you contribute to saving a precious young life.

If you get involved you can make some money for yourself to keep, or give it back to the cause - it's up to you. We just ask you to at least take a look.

The concept is called 'conscientious capitalism', and it is the new way to get things done by giving everyone a 'win'.

We are looking for a WIN-WIN situation where you get to profit and bring in some extra income and Sharlie and her family get to have the rest of their long lives together.

Spread the word, share this story, get your friends involved.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact this author and ask. Visit the site, follow links and learn all you can.

You can visit Breathless Mom here. Join the miracle now - and don't let the dream fade!