Cathy Taibbi

In light of recent attempts by special interests to eradicate all wolves from the North American landscape, a new petition and proposal is circulating to grant American wolves full Federal protection permanently.

The petition, started on FaceBook and authored by Linda Carmac of Good Wolf, a wolf advocacy group aiming to restore protections for wolves and to fight anti-wolf hysteria with facts, seeks to redress the recent failures of the Endangered Species Act during the budget battle in the White House. The petition was created by the Alliance For The Wild Rockies, Inc., and is circulating on

It must be completed by August 12, in time for the upcoming Washington, DC Wolf Rally, "Howl Across America", at which time it will be handed to The White House and a copy given to the Capitol Building.

The body of the petition can be read, below:

"Recently congress voted to delist the gray wolves of the Northern Rocky Mountains from the Endangered Species Act and turn over wolf management to the states. This decision was NOT based on science, but rather on the demand of special interest groups. More recently, a Michigan congress woman, Candace Miller, proposed to delist ALL the wolves in America from federal protection and turn them over to the states.

In the past state management has proved to be disasterous for wolves, driven to the brink of extinction! This time promises to be no different as the states gear up with enthusiatic hunters and webpages anticipating arrowing wolves to death, luring them with scent and recorded callings, trapping them in steel traps and snarl traps, poisoning, and shooting. Many governors of these states are avid hunters and in the 'extreme' anti-wolf camp. Some sites even advising how 'not to kill the wolf instantly, but to let him suffer longer' . THEIR words!

We simply cannot turn our wolves over to the states. If ever science determines that the wolf is not an endangered species, these animals must continue to be managed by the federal government under a different category. Wolves are an iconic keystone predator, keeping herds healthy and ecological systems balanced. "

The petition can be viewed and signed, here.

Please make plans to attend Howl Across America in Washington, DC and show your support for our wild wolves as well as our support for a strong, revitalized Endangered Species Act.

For greater insight into the issues surrounding wolves in America please read this article in Earth Island Journal.

The petition can be viewed and signed, here.

Thank you - let's start howling for America's wolves!