Veronica Roberts

June 3, 2011, Chicago, Illinois]----In wacky news: a Chicago woman reportedly sued her ex for child support back in 2000. You may be wondering why this is news for it's quite commonplace for women to sue their baby daddies or Exes for monetary support.

What makes this news-worthy is the bizarre story surrounding this particular suit. The woman in question, Dr. Sharon Irons, sued her ex, Dr. Richard Phillips for child support 2 years after their alleged romance ended.

According to several reports the two had an unusual relationship, for there had not been any sexual intercourse involved.

The two however, had reportedly engaged in oral sex a few times before parting ways for Dr. Phillips found out that she was still married to her husband. Furthermore, Phillips didn't want any children before marriage.

Apparently Dr. Irons had other ideas and allegedly devised an ingenuous way to get pregnant despite the absence of intercourse.

After one of their 'oral' sessions,' Dr. Irons allegedly held the sperm in her mouth after pleasuring her man, then used it later to impregnate herself.

I told you it was ingenuous bordering on the extremely wacky and devious!

Fast forward 2 years later, to her ex's surprise, she hit him with a paternity suit. The courts reportedly ordered him to pay $800 a month is child support. Needless to say, the stunned Doc counter-sued with his own complaint. That Ms. Irons stole his sperm which constituted fraud on her part.

An Illinois appellate court agreed that Dr. Phillips could sue his ex for emotional distress. However this victory was short-lived for the Circuit court ruled that although Ms. Irons obtained the sperm in an "unorthodox way," he could not "allege theft because the sperm now belonged to Ms. irons" and that "“there was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request, or where the transaction did not create a bailment, a claim for conversion cannot be sustained.”

I told you it was downright weird!

I am not sure what the current status of the case is but when I find out , you will be the first to know. Promise.

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