Veronica Roberts

May 31, 2011, Atlanta, Ga]--------Bishop Eddie Long has reportedly recently settled his sex abuse lawsuit through mediation, for an alleged hefty $15 million.

The civil suit which was brought by four young former members of his mega new Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Atlanta, early last year, accused the Bishop of giving gifts and lavish trips in exchange for sexual relations.

The 4 men were Spencer LeGrande, Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg and Maurice Robinson, former member of New Birth's mentoring youth program run by the Bishop himself, for boys ages 12 to 16.

Long had vowed to vigorously fight the accusations but apparently that vigor waned for it looks like 'he paid up to shut up.' The mediation proceedings which have a gag order, cannot divulge details of the settlement so we will never know if an admission of guilt was part of the deal. Everything will be forever sealed.

The young men had accused the Bishop of engaging in sex acts with them starting as early as 15 for one and 17 for the remaining three.

Bishop Long was reportedly back in the pulpit on Sunday, preaching without a break in stride, with no mention of his high-priced pay off to his congregation.

What do you think: Does a hefty settlement in civil suits hint at guilt or is it simply to shorten the headache of a lengthy trial or mediation?