Veronica Roberts

May 31, 2011, Cairo, Egypt]----The world watched in fascination as change rippled or rather, thundered across the Middle East. No place had more dramatic, historic metamorphosis than Egypt, where it's people successfully broke the 30 year tenure and forced President Hosni Mubarak out of office.

There was unending rejoicing in the streets of Cairo and the media world over praised the perseverance of the Egyptian people and the brilliant power of social media.

But months after the so-called 'peaceful revolution,' is Egypt on the way to democratic leadership and meaningful change or have the citizens been duped? Was Egypt liberated by its own people or cleverly controlled by a military coup masquerading as interim facilitators?

We praised the absence of massive bloodshed that is currently taking place in Yemen and Libya. There, the military is killing defenseless citizens--shooting them down in the streets.

But was the absence of widespread massacre only because the military was quietly ousting Mubarak themselves with the people as the clever cover?

Many Egyptians are now deeply dissatisfied with the progress of the democratic proceedings, with the military Council seemingly quite comfortable with the rule of leader they have given themselves, with no apparent hurry to relinquish the reins.

President Obama recently forgave Egypt's debt which ran in the billions, citing the need for that country to move forward unencumbered on the road to democracy but where is that democracy? Should our President have forgiven the debt before the military handed over the reins to the democratic government they promised?

Some are saying that the military power is no different from Mubarak's reign and rumors of 'virgin tests' and other disturbing practices and abuses are surfacing.

Amnesty International reportedly has documentation from over 18 women who claimed they have been subjected to 'virgin tests,' electric shocks and were even beaten up during the weeks-long 'freedom' protest in Egypt.

Bloggers will reportedly hold a day of protest on Wednesday, to give a voice to their dissatisfaction at the slow pace the Supreme Council of The Armed Forces is proceeding with the democratic transition and the accusations leveled by these women.

What do you think: Egypt's revolution was successful because of the sole strength of its people or cleverly orchestrated by the military who wanted to oust Mubarak to control the power themselves?