Veronica Roberts

May 11, 2011, Gary, Indiana]---A Gary Indiana, father and stepmother who buried their son in a mobile home after he died in the dog cage they allegedly kept him in for an entire year, were charged on Tuesday.

According to CBS Chicago, Riley and Kimberley Kubina were charged with murder, battery, criminal confinement and neglect of a dependent.

13 year old Christian Choate was reportedly kept in a cage like a wild animal, let out only to eat, use the bathroom and to be severely beaten.

Police made the gruesome discovery on May 5 when they found Christian's body buried under a thin layer of concrete in the defendants' mobile home in Gary.

Authorities were investigating the property because the victim's sister, 17 year old Christina, had finally reported the shocking abuse and death of her brother after 2 long years.

15 years old at the time of her brother's death, she allegedly told police that she had been too terrified of her father Riley to report what had happened. She said she found Christian in his dog cage unresponsive in April 2009 and frantically tried to revive him.

She said after unlocking the cage and trying desperately to help him, to no avail, she called her father and stepmom. They reportedly simply buried Christian in concrete in the mobile home.

According to Christina, the family then moved to Kentucky soon after, where she was not allowed to talk on the phone or attend school.

It was only after her father moved away three weeks ago that she reportedly felt safe to call police.

Such shocking brutality is unimaginable from a parent but Christina said her brother endured abuse every day from their father.

Other reports say it was Christian's biological mother who alerted the police 10 days ago for she had not heard from her son in quite a while. Why it took her so long to notice that she hadn't spoken or seen her son in 2 years, was not reported.

The preliminary autopsy concluded that the 13 year old died from blunt force trauma, internal bleeding and a skull fracture.

Authorities are currently awaiting DNA results which will take weeks.