Veronica Roberts

Many conspiracy theories abound about the TeaParty. Some say they are just a front for the billionaire Koch brothers and other special interest groups hell-bent on pushing their selfish, sinister agenda, subversively.

Others say they are a bunch of racists who are beside themselves with rage at some 'Color' ensconced in the White House for the first time--a personal hatred of President Barrack Hussein Obama, with his 'different' sounding name-- being our first African American leader.

They however, claim to be a grass-root organisation born from mounting frustration, disappointment and anger at our growing unemployment; ballooning debt; expanding government; big bank bailout and corporate coddling while main street suffered, etc.

So which is it?

The dissatisfaction is quite lengthy and we have heard them shout on many occasions at rallies across the land, that they have vowed 'to take their country back." Back from whom I'm not quite sure.

Our last midterm election reflected that dissatisfaction and growing political power and clout, to the dismay of the Democrats. They were indeed taking somethings back...Democratically held seats.

Fast forward to the present contentious debt ceiling debate, the TeaParty backed candidates show just how much control they have on our political system--for they are credited with stalling the Capitol Hill machine by their unyielding staunch stand and the resulting deep partisan atmosphere corroding the halls of Congress and the House of Representatives.

The attached video is an espose'-- an in-depth journey into the heart of the Teaparty, peeling back the layers and peeking into the nooks and cranny to what lies underneath.

Click on the video tab above to take a listen.