Veronica Roberts

April 20, 2011, Ivor, Virginia]----A church in Virginia has taken the phrases 'come as you are" and 'baring the soul" quite literally.

Pastor and members of the White Tail Nudist Resort Church worship very different from the rest of us. How different, you may ask? Sans clothes different.

The church and resort which opened it's doors since 1984 in Ivor, Virginia, welcomes its members to come as they are, even if that includes leaving the clothes behind.

The pastor, who himself leads his congregation in the nude, says there is absolutely nothing wrong with how they dress or should I say, undress, to worship God. He said Jesus himself was nude at his birth, his Crucifixion and Resurrection.

I guess in his eyes, that makes Jesus a nudist?

Members say there is nothing sexual about the nudity, just freedom of societal restraints.

The resort, which opens year round, is quite popular and attracts approximately 10,000 people annually. Even if the economy is sluggish, business is booming at this resort and in fact is up 12 percent. Forbes magazine reports that the nude travel business can rake in a sweet $800 million a year.

What do you think of the Nudist Church?