Veronica Roberts

April 18, 2011, San Francisco]------I have heard of sex being sizzling hot but this story takes it to a whole other level. A man reportedly burst into flames while watching porn in a sex shop booth in San Francisco last Wednesday.

No, I am not punking you, April's Fools day is long gone. According to numerous reports including the Daily News, the man ran out of the sex shop, engulfed in flames around 6:00 p.m.

An ambulance crew stationed nearby saw him running down the street and they, along with firemen and police helped extinguish the flames.

No one knows just what happened to cause this bizarre accident but an employee of the sex shop reportedly told police that the man had been watching porn in a private booth at the back of the store when he suddenly ran out screaming, engulfed in flames.

Investigators are still trying to find out what caused the man to suddenly ignite.

The unidentified man is reported to be in the hospital suffering with life threatening burns over 90% of his body.

Maybe the man decided to take a smoke before he watched the movie, then forgot as the pace, plot and passion got heated? (no pun intended) Or Spontaneous combustion from intense heat within? Either way, must have been some movie!

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