Veronica Roberts

April 17, 2011]------Before you finish cooking that sumptuous dinner, read this.

We consume an enormous amount of meat in the U.S. for we are a red bone kind of country. Hence the meat industry rakes in billions in sales every year. Most of us trust that the Food and Drug Administration is being the watchdog that they're supposed to be to ensure quality, safe products are sent to our local grocery stores.

Seems someone is dropping the ball. Have you ever heard of the term 'meat glue?' I know what you're thinking, I thought so too the first time I heard of it. Glue is what you use to help your child with his school project or to stick things around the house, right?

You would never expect to here 'glue' used in conjunction to food. But the meat industry reportedly uses 'glue,' (scientific name is transglutaminase) to stick meat together that would normally be thrown out, then put this meat out for consumers to buy, then eat.

Shocking, right? This 'glue' creates what's called fusion to bond the meat together so that it looks fresh and healthy, when it is actually only fit to to be thrown out. This glue is used to fuse fish, chicken, pork, beef and other meats. The dangerous thing is we are not told and we cannot tell the difference between 'glued meat' and healthy meats.

Take a look at the the meat industry's dangerous, dirty little secret in the above video--it may want to make you into a vegetarian from today!