Veronica Roberts

April 4, 2011]----Is it just me or have you noticed two extremes colliding at your local grocery store or supermarket? Packages are constantly shrinking in size as the prices on the same items seem to be steadily on the rise. Something is dreadfully wrong with this picture, don't you think?

From packages of cereals, pasta, rice and vegetables to cartons of ice-cream and beverages, the shrinking phenomenon seems to be spreading daily. In fact almost every food item appears to be passing under the chopping block. At the same time as we are being deceptively dished out less, we are being asked to pay more!

How are families already cash strapped in this abysmal economy supposed to keep afloat? Food is an absolute necessity. We're not talking about jewelry, and luxury items here. We all need to eat.

Moreover, salaries are not increasing. So if the cost of food and other household items are constantly being jacked up but our incomes remain constant, what is usually the end result?

Meanwhile, our government is not addressing the growing cost of living versus the snail pace of salary increases. No, they're busy slashing social programs while keeping millionaires and billionaires ensconced in their 2 year extension of a decade long tax break. Even in death, the super rich has it good. Remember the Estate 'Death' tax?

The deficit and foreign debt is shockingly high and our legislators have decided to do something about what they themselves have created. However they are asking all of us to sacrifice but this selflessness does not seem to extend to themselves-- for they're still practicing trickle down economics. Has it trickled down to you yet?

Cutting social programs to aggressively streamline the budget may look like fiscal responsibility on the surface but if you look closer, doesn't it just move around the problem like sand in a sandbox? If an unemployed worker has no unemployment benefit, no health insurance, no money to buy food and ends up becoming homeless, how is that an improvement in our society?

If a country that insist on declaring itself the richest, most powerful country, like the U.S. constantly does--with the President himself calling for us to out-perform, out-innovate the rest of the world--can't or won't or don't care to have a healthy, viable, high producing, high functioning population, then what makes us the greatest?

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