Veronica Roberts

March 15, 2011, UK]-----The stories in the news seem to be getting wilder and stranger as time goes by. Early last year, the chain smoking toddler made his shocking debut on the media stage. Now we have the toddler alcoholic.

According to the England has just discovered their youngest ever alcoholic: a three year old! Yes, reality is becoming stranger than fiction, for doctors have reportedly recently treated the unnamed toddler for serious addiction o alcohol.

Experts alleged that the child must be given a considerable amount of alcohol repeatedly for a period of 6 months, for him/her to become this addicted.

The toddler reportedly had terrible mood swings and shakes, all associated with withdrawal.

Unforunately, though this child is the youngest documented, the UK has other extremely young alcoholic being treated in 'rehab':13 to be exact, all under the age of 12, reports the NYDailyNew.

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