Veronica Roberts

February 19, 2011, Madison Wisconsin]----As Public workers in Wisconsin march to retain their union's collective bargaining rights, a debate has sprung up around the country.

Workers demonstrating against Governor Scott Walker's new Bill, say this onslaught of proposals is an attempt by this legislator, who see the unions as too all powerful, to 'reign' in that power. Supporters of these protests say unions serve a vtally important role in balancing the playing field--where before unions, employers held all the cards.

However, some citizens agree with the governor, for in Wisconsin, there are anti-union demonstrators as well.

Crowds of pro budget cuts and supporters of Governor Scott, are shouting on the other side of this debate. One man held up a placard and screamed that the teachers out protesting in full force are"hurting our children's education" by being out of the classrooms and that they should be grateful to have a job in this abysmal economy with extremely high unemployment. Another said that it's time "these pampered public workers paid their fair share."

Whose side are you on? Do you think the public workers protests are hurting the economy or do you see them as a vital part of our Democracy?