Veronica Roberts

February 16, 2011, Madison, Wisconsin]-----As most of the U.S. media fixates on the Middle East and the growing unrest and protest that is spreading like wild fire since Egypt's successful ousting of Mubarak, more than 10, 000 government workers right here in Wisconsin took to the streets on Tuesday and again on Wednesday, in strong protest against the Governor's budget cuts.

The demonstration, organised by several unions, are responding to Republican Governor Scott Walker's emergency budget proposal announced on Friday, which will cut all public workers bargaining rights except for limited wage negotiations. Workers will also have to pay more towards their healthcare plan and benefits.

Citing this proposal grossly unfair, workers marched in front of Governor Walkers office in the State capitol, holding signs and reportedly shouting, "Walker has got to go" and "Recall Walker now."

Governor Walker reportedly said that this proposed bill was, "a reasonal and modest change." Federal workers do not see it that way.

Schools in Madison have closed as teachers and students joined in the demonstrations. The Governor has reportedly called on the National Guard to stand by in case of civil unrest.

Like many other U.S.States, Wisconsin is heavily strapped with debt-with a $137 million deficit for 2011--with a projected 2.9 billion shortfall for 2012 and 2013, reports Business Insider Politix.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal more massive protests are planned for Thurday.