Veronica Roberts

February 5, 2011]-----As part of 'Black' History Month, I have been bringing you the great achievers among us, past and present. Today's genius is Barbara Hillary.

Barbara Hillary is the first African American woman to reach the North Pole on April 23, 2007--hold on to your chairs ladies and gents--at the impressive age of 75!

I don't usually like using exclamation marks in my articles but this time I had to make an exception. This news needs to be shouted, for I am totally inspired by Ms. Hillary's indomitable spirit, perseverance, strength and living outside the box.

Below is a short bio on this retired nurse who had the audacity to take on a daunting adventure--then conquered and achieved.

Watch the above video and be amazed. What's your biggest achievement?

Barbara Hillary is a retired nurse who was born: June 12, 1931 San Juan Hill Manhattan ( Currently known as Lincoln Center). She is a graduate of the New School University and has earned her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Professional Studies Degrees.

Hillary said she became fascinated with the North Pole during her retirement and gained experience by sledding and snow mobiling in the U.S. and Canada.

She is the founder and Editor-in Chief of The Peninsula Magazine, the first multi-cultural magazine published by an African American in Queens, NY.

Ms Hillary is the recipient of numerous awards including "The Woman Of Courage" award from NOW (National Organisation of women)for reaching the North Pole; a “Special Citation” from The United States House of Representatives, a Resolution honoring and recognizing her achievements introduced by Representative Gregory W. Meeks.