Veronica Roberts

January 31, 2011, Anchorage, Alaska]------A Mormon adoptive mom from Anchorage, Alaska, was caught on tape mercilessly abusing her little son.

This shocking video, which was first aired on the Dr. Phil show in November 2010, was secretly, taped by the abusive mother's own daughter.

36 year old Jessica Beagley was shown forcing her 7 year old adoptive son to hold hot sauce in his mouth, then forcing him into a cold shower as he screamed uncontrollably. All this abuse was inflicted as punishment on a 7 year old for allegedly lying.

Beagley has since been charged with child abuse and says she will be pleading not guilty.

According to CBS Crimestopper, the abusive woman's lawyer, William Ingaldson, had the nerve to say this about the televised abuse, ""She has not done anything that would warrant a criminal charge for child abuse --If this hadn't showed up on 'Dr. Phil,' there wouldn't be anybody saying anything about it."

So in this lawyer's twisted reasoning, if no one sees the cruelty done to children behind closed doors, it's not abuse?

Incidentally, Beagley has 5 other children in the home, including a twin brother of the abused 7 year old, whom she had adopted from Russia when they were 5.

Reportedly, the Office of Children's Services has not removed the children from the home, even if mom is charged with child abuse. Her husband Gary Beagley is said to be a police officer.