Veronica Roberts

January 14, 2011]-----Do you believe in that age old concept of 'The Afterlife?" To some it's utter "mumbo jumbo" or a religious myth-for others, it's absolutely true.

One doctor, Jeffrey Long, claims he has proof that the Afterlife is real, and chronicled this"proof" in his book called "Evidence Of The Afterlife." Take a look at the attached video for a brief sample of the doctor's beliefs.

What do you believe? Afterlife waiting for all the good souls among us, who will be going to an exceptional place as the Bible predicts and the 'bad' relegated to the gates of hell? Or do you believe all of us, the good bad and the 'fence-sitters', will be making that afterlife journey to the same realm? Or are you one of the sceptics, who believe the afterlife is a well preserved lie?