Maryann Tobin

A study of several carcasses among the 5,000 birds that suddenly and fell dead from the sky on New Year's Eve in Beebe, Arkansas has revealed that the birds died from internal bleeding. However, the theory that noise from fireworks set off the mass death has not been confirmed.

Arkansas State Veterinarian George Badley told the Wall Street Journal that thousands of red-winged black birds were frightened by fireworks and the entire group simply got confused and began crashing into solid objects, like houses.

However, if fireworks were indeed the reason up to 5,000 birds died in Arkansas, why weren't birds in other areas also killed?

Every New Year's Eve, fireworks are set off all over the world. Yet, Beebe, Arkansas is the only location reporting thousands of dead birds.

In a strange twist that is causing concern, more than 100,000 fish have also died suddenly in Ozark, Arkansas, about 100 miles from where the birds died.

The unexplained death of more than 100,000 fish in a nearby river, in addition to the 5,000 dead birds, has many people wondering if the two events are related to an unknown environmental or unnatural disaster that is defying scientific evidence and human logic.