Veronica Roberts

November 30, 2010, Morenci, Michigan]-----Police say the father of the 3 missing brothers have lied about what he did with his sons.

In a Press Conference aired on ABC'S "Good Morning America," Police Chief Larry Weeks said that the boys father, 39 year old John Skelton, fabricated the whole story about giving his 3 sons to a woman named Joann Taylor on Thanksgiving.

Chief Weeks said that there is evidence that Skelton visited Ohio at the time that he supposedly gave his children to this woman he alleged having an online relationship with.

Police also say they have not found any credible evidence that this woman exist.

Skelton has reportedly taken off with his sons before. His estranged wife, Tanya Skelton told authorites that last year, he had secretly taken off with the boys to Florida without her knowledge.

The couple has separated and are currently going through a divorce and bitter custody battle. Both parents have reportedly filed for full custody of the boys, with each accusing the other of being an unfit parent.

The reports stated that John Skelton accused his wife of being on the sex offenders registry for allegedly having sex with a 14 year old boy, 10 years ago.

Tanya Skelton allegedly accused him of being unfit to parent because as a trucker, he had to be on the road for long periods of time. His house is also reportedly going through foreclosure.

Experts say Skelton's life was spiralling out of control, with his marriage on the rocks and his house in foreclosure and that may have sent him over the edge.

Authorities are intensifying their search for the 3 young brothers, 9-year-old Andrew, 7-year-old Alexander and 5-year-old Tanner and have broadened it to include areas in Ohio.

Below is my first report on the 3 missing young boys:

November 28, 2010, Morenci, Michigan]-----An Amber Alert has been issued and Police are frantically searching for three young brothers, after their father claimed he gave them to an unknown woman on Friday, before his suicide attempt.

39 year old John Skelton, of Morenci, Michigan, claimed he gave his sons, 9-year-old Andrew, 7-year-old Alexander and 5-year-old Tanner, to a woman named Joann Taylor to take to their mother, before he tried to killl himself, reports MSNBC.Alexander

When the alleged suicide attempt, hanging, didn't work, he reportedly asked a friend to take him to the hospital, where Police Chief, Larry Weeks said he is currently being treated for "mental issues."

Police are also reportedly very concerned for the boys safety and fear they may be in extreme danger, says the report.

When asked if the father was a suspect in the boys disappearance, Chief Weeks reportedly said,"We haven't ruled anything out, yet."

Police are also looking for the Taylor woman Skelton claimed he gave the boys to but Police fear she doesn't exist. No one knows or have heard of this woman before.

According to Skelton, they were having an online relationship for years and she allegedly lived in Jackson or Hillsdale counties in Southern Michigan.

At the time of their disappearance, the boys were living with their father. Their mother, Tanya Skelton, who is divorced from John Skelton, the father, was the one who reported her sons missing on Friday.

by veronica p roberts 11.28.10