Veronica Roberts

November 28, 2010]------The Week ending November 27, gave us the sensational over-rated fare and the serious stories juxtaposition in the usual melee of media coverage we have come to expect and accept. From panty-less models; foiled terror plot; the President’s ‘shellacking’ on the basketball court; Palin’s geographic blunder; The Pope and condoms; rumblings in Asia; the tragic death of 29 New Zealand miners, a national uprising averted on Dancing with the Stars finale and more.

Bristol Palin, many say, the least skillful dancer on Dancing with the Stars, who has been coming up with consistently low scores from the judges, has magically managed to remain among the last 3 standing-- to the annoyance, and in one case, the irate rage of a man who shot his television in violent protest. Thankfully, Jennifer Grey grabbed the winner slot and America didn’t have to re-load!

In a stunning irony of tragic proportions, 29 miners were killed as the 33 Chilean miners were making their debut States side. The Chilean miners were invited to the U.S. to be part of CNN Heroes. Their New Zealand counterparts weren’t so lucky, as rescue efforts failed-- then became a recovery operation, when a second blast killed all of the miners. After the Chilean miners spotlight has dimmed, has the powers that be forgotten about the urgent need for better safety regulations?

The rumbling in Asia is getting louder. North Korea seems to know something that the rest of us doesn’t because the aggressive flexing of ‘muscle’ is getting decidedly more brazen. This latest attack on South Korea and their subsequent un-apologetic stance, could only be seen as a threat to the stability of the region and beyond. The U.S. is covertly showing some military might right now, under the guise of ‘exercises’ with South Korea, drawing angry outburst from the communists state across the way. China seems to want the problem to magically go away, without any involvement from them, the U.S. or anyone else. Let’s see what unfolds next. The volatility is precariously close to exploding.

while I'm on the topic of the unrest in Asia--our resident political celebrity, Palin, seems to be constantly in the headlines. In case her new reality show wasn’t shining the spotlight sufficiently in her direction, she nudged the wattage up a notch by this past week’s geographical gaffe. Apparently the ex-Governor might be a tad dyslexic, for she had a little trouble distinguishing North from South-- Korea that is. On her pundit pal’s radio show, when asked what she would do about the situation in Asia right now, Mrs. Palin told Glenn Beck that, “We gotta stand with our North Korean allies.” Slip of the tongue or befuddled foreign knowledge?

Even more important, is the President’s second ‘shellacking,’ this time on the basketball court. When I heard the news of our Commander in Chief, receiving 12 stitches, I though he had gone a few rounds with the new Republican House. I later learned someone’s elbow had collided with his lip during a case of friendly Thanksgiving holiday basketball. Mr. president, isn’t one shellacking enough for now?

Condom and the Pope. Never thought you would hear those two words in the same sentence right? Well, this past week, the Pontiff said it was ok for prostitutes and I guess he meant the ‘Johns,’ to use condoms. Not as a birth control, mind you, but as protection against HIV”AIDS. Hmmm. Isn’t it time the head of the RC church did the ‘”Godly’ thing, and set his followers free? Free, by changing those archaic, oppressive rules on birth control? Teaching that both birth-control and abortions are sins, is not only contradictory but dangerous. With the world’s exploding population, poverty at it’s pinnacle and dangerous diseases such as AIDS, isn’t it time the Church took a pro-active, ‘moral’ stance?

Fortunately, this Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, new TSA pat-downs and body scans, withstanding. A terror plot was allegedly foiled, when a teenager’s terrifying plans to detonate a powerful bomb in the Portland area, was uncovered and stopped. Halleluiah.

Even more earth-shattering, is this story that has been covered by almost every Allvoices writer: a panty-less model caught on tape. Where have we heard and seen this before? Isn’t the baring of the crotch in public, very last year? Isn’t it kind of, ‘like out of style now?’ I think Paris, Lindsey, Britney and the other young celeb crowd, known for this trend, have moved on to more attention grabbing things: Like being arrested for drugs and multiply rehab stints. I guess the style, sans underwear, has just caught on in India.

Speaking of sexy attention seeking--a couple magazines have featured female journalists looking, should I say, sleek, sexy and designer savvy. One of the female ‘Friends over at the F Network,‘ Megyn Kelly, stood out in the glossy pages of GQ, with ‘bedroom’ hair, ‘come do me’ clothes and pose-- displaying legs for days! I guess journalism, and I use that word loosely-- has taken on a whole new look. Would we be seeing the men in Speedos next issue?

by veronica p roberts 11.28.10