Veronica Roberts

November 24, 2010, Washington, DC]-----The rumblings on the Hill has gotten louder since President Obama took up residence in the White House. The partisan divide outpaces any I've seen in a while. The talking heads on television and radio yapped incessantly, with Rush Limbaugh even publicly saying he wanted the President to fail!

Now we don't have to like each other's ideology or political party but wishing the President's failure is blatantly 'Un-American, isn't it? He isn't in the Oval office, presiding over just his family, or 'those other people,' he is at the helm of the country that we all live in. Policies affect us all.

The deficit affects us all. The national and foreign debt affect us all. Spending billions in Middle eastern wars affect us all. Rising healthcare cost affects us all. The financial sector melt down affects us all. High unemployment, inflation and deflation will affect us all.

So blocking the President at every turn, to score partisan points and amass political power, is highly counter-productive, especially during a time when America is still teetering on the edge of financial disaster. The billions, some say trillion, dollar bail outs did not remove us from the dangerous edge. Bush tax cuts to the wealthy, has done nothing to starve off the continuous looming unemployment doom. The wealth has not "trickled down."

Threatening to repeal healthcare reform, while they enjoy the best health insurance tax payers money can buy; fighting to make the tax cuts for the rich, permanent; to say, like one prominent Republican publicly promised, "We will veto every single Bill that comes before us;" to perpetuate idiotic, ridiculously absurd rumors of the president's foreign trip being "$200 billion" a day; to bicker over the safety and protection of the president while he was travelling in decidedly hot spots on the globe, is purely partisan and has nothing to do with solving this country's myriad problems.

When the President won the Nobel peace Prize, the bitter criticism from the Right was quick and sharp. It was the most personal vendetta I have seen to date. The critiquing seemed to be turning to personal dislike. Shouldn't winning the Nobel Peace prize be a novel thing? A positive bolster for this country? Elevate our standing, globally?

To up the anti, Rep. Cantor has even called for impeaching the President. There is no impeachable offense on the table, so he is calling for unending investigations, as much as one every week, until something wrong is found! Are you kidding me? He makes witch-hunts of the earlier eras, look like child's play!

I think the dislike made their memory hazy. I think they forgot that our reputation around the world was so tarnished, that our previous President, GW, was pelted with a shoe! Nobel Peace prize or high flying missile shoe, which do you prefer the world to remember your President for? And yes, he is your President too.

This doesn't absolve the Democrats from their part in this dance. Some are just as partisan as their 'compatriots' across the aisle. Their inability to lead effectively and convey their accomplishments and plans for this nation, is legendary. Look at the midterms! However, has any modern President been disrespected as Obama was, when Rep. Joe Wilson, shouted the infamous, "You Lie," during the President's address on Healthcare Reform? These are different times, so the usual haggling over power has to take a backseat to revamping this nation. If we don't, that mantra of us being 'the best in the world' would be as hollow as past great empires, who exist no more.

If the GOP is serious about fixing the numerous problems plaguing America, they would stop giving lip service to changing their tune and truly start working with the President on some effective strategies and polices aimed at digging us out of the deep economic hole we are still languishing in.

By Veronica P Roberts 11.24.10