Veronica Roberts

November, 18, 2010, Hamburg, Germany]-----The new TSA mandates is just another in a seemingly endless long line of non-existent privacy.

The Internet has almost single-handedly, slowly but surely erased any semblance of privacy. Once online, your personal information is stored, resold, stolen, spied on or saved for eternity.

Then there is Google Street View, where your address is there for anyone to do some panoramic spying from behind the comfort of their computer screen. It's not just a nuisance but can be incredibly dangerous as well.

Apparently almost 250,000 folks in Germany are not going to tolerate the intrusion. They are requesting their homes be blurred out of Google Street View.

According to the AP, since 2007, Google has made a total of 26 countries available for online viewing pleasure, and is now trying to bring Germany into the viewing fold.

The Germans are not having it and are fighting the spying giant--oops..I mean Google , citing privacy issues.

Do you agree that Google Street View is spying and can catch one in "situations considered private," like the Germans claim?