Veronica Roberts

November 17, 2010]----Came across this intimately interesting piece and I just felt compelled to share.

Contrary to some of the sex advice making the continuous rounds out there, these rules below are dying to be broken, ladies. So get to breaking.

Here are the 9 rules to break tonight, according to some "Sexperts."

9. You Definitely Shouldn't Fantasize About Someone Else:

Please, feel free to conjure up any sizzling, sinfully sexy phantom that may get your engines roaring. hard.

8. Toys Will Scare Him:

Au contrare. According to the Sexperts, men like gadgets . connect the dots, I know I don't need to draw you a picture, right?

7. Men Really Don't Like "Going There:"

Men are natural explorers--it's eons of years of DNA. Let him unleash his inner Jacques Cousteau.

6. You Have to Be "In the Mood" to Do It:

Sometimes the mood follows. Give it a try. Ever felt like staying home and hiding under the covers, during a blue spell and someone coaxed you to go to something you didn't feel like attending? Then ended up having the best time of your life? Don't need to draw you a map here either, do I?

5. You Should Never Talk Sex With Your Friends:

A new perspective may be just what you need. Talking can lead to some pretty useful tips.

4. You Should Never Do It on the First Date:

We are way past the Puritanical age but not quite at the equally liberated stage between the sexes. However, once you're not hurting anyone, or breaking any vows, the world should definitely be your oyster. Open with care, caution but safe abandon.

3. It's OK to Fake It:

Not. No one is saying you will and should have gigantic, earth-shattering orgasms every time, but faking it is not the way to go. If it didn't happen why pretend it did? Being dishonest in the boudoir does not a better lover make.

2. Porn Is the Enemy:

Yes, I know we have been raised to be "good girls," and porn has been labeled as "bad" but a little bad makes for good in the bedroom.

1. It Has to Be Perfect:

Nothing ever is, every-time. Nice, messy, unconventional, a quickie, can all suffice. The hair, nails, lingerie and perfect figure don't always have o be our top priority. Contrary to popular believe, men don't care as much as we think. The big romantic sweeping gestures don't always have to precede a good rump layig down or standing up, inside or outside, if you're the adventurous type. **wink!**

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