Caitlin Tadlock

In a world that already has its Miley's, Gaga's, and Lindsay's, there is just no room in Hollywood for another female star shocker. This fact leaves actress/musician Taylor Momsen out in the lonely and gross Los Angeles alleys, well at least that's what she looks like where she has been recently.

Someone thought it was a good idea to invite Taylor Momsen to a party celebrating a video game she has probably never played, Call Of Duty: Black Ops.Momsen, who took the “Black Ops.” part too seriously, wore a bra, sheer stockings, and really scary black face paint to the event. The undersized gothic diva, was looking to stand out, as usual, in the crowd for the video game’s launch party on November 4th in Santa Monica.

Is Taylor looking to fill the role of Marilyn Manson’s new girlfriend, since he and Evan Rachel Wood have recently split for the second or third time? Evan gave Nylon the details of her and Manson’s relationship saying, “He had a hand in raising me.”

Maybe the way Taylor is dressing is a cry for attention to the dark side. I mean being the next young actress Marilyn Manson mentors would probably help sell some The Pretty Reckless albums.