Veronica Roberts

November 8, 2010, Washington DC]-----The GOP will now control the House. They say the President "just didn't get it," and that the people spoke this midterm election by ushering in change. Real change we can believe.

Ok. So just how do the Republicans propose to change this complex mess that is America's economy? Widespread unemployment, exceedingly high deficits, sluggish economy, ballooning budget.

Maybe the GOP have some innovative, ground-breaking ideas that will implement policies to put us on the fast track of recovery. They say they want to reduce government and stabilize this country.

Strangely, some of the Republicans who have been loudly vocalizing they concern and criticism of the President and the current administration ways of doing things, have been fumbling vaguely, trying to articulate their action plan.

Most are still spouting the same ineffective, vague generalizations: to reduce and balance the budget, reduce unemployment, reduce the astronomical foreign debt, all they have to do is cut taxes and cut spending. The insane thing is they do not want to cut from any of the big budgetary programs like Medicare, Social Security or military spending.

I admit, math was never my best subject in school, and apparently it wasn't for the GOP either. Isn't what they're proposing, a mathematical improbability?

Listen to Republican Senators DeMint and Rand Paul bob and weave, without giving any specific solutions.