Maryann Tobin

Anyone who owns a dog knows how fast food can disappear if it is left where the dog can reach it. But to create the perfect crime, the food stealing dog needs an alibi, or at least someone else to pin the blame on. The dog in this video seems to have figured out more than how to get a free meal; he found a way to blame the theft of his owner's food on a cat.

The dog is not a politician, but he could be. Not only has he figured out how to get what he wants, he manages to make it look like he had nothing to do with committing the crime, and therefore escapes possible punishment by trying to trick his owner into believing that someone else stole his food.

The title of the video is the Perfect Crime, and while the dog and cat could be trained actors, the story the video tells could happen in any household that has a smart dog who knows how to get what he wants, and a cat that does not mind being picked up by a dog and placed on a dish where he can lap up doggy leftovers.

Just think of what these two could do together if they really wanted to start a crime spree.