Veronica Roberts

October 30th, 2010]-----Among the many businesses worldwide, the following are some of the most lucrative, raking in billions, even trillions, in revenue.

According to Business Pundit web site, these are the global top rankers.

BANKING: Despite the global financial meltdown, with plenty loss in the banking sector, the world's banks still hold assets worth a staggering $800 trillion. What comes after trillion? They will have to come up with a mathematical term soon. Maybe "quadillion?"

OIL: That black gold has certainly made some very rich indeed, estimated to rake in as much as $2.5 trillion. Gulp! The 6 big-wigs hoarding most of the loot are: Exxon Mobil; Gazprom, Shell, Chevron, BP, and Brazil’s Petrobras—netted a total profit of $156 billion in 2008.

DEFENSE: Global military spending, in 2007, $1.14 trillion. The biggest spender--I know you guessed right--The U.S., who spent $623 billion in 2008 alone. The U.S. is not only the biggest spender but also the biggest supplier. 9 out of the 10 global suppliers are American companies. No wonder some do not want those two wars we're waging to end. It seems it really pays to kill!

DRUGS: (the illicit kind): worth more than $300 billion, annually, according to the UN Office of Drug and Crime (UNODC)

PROSTITUTION: Yes, the world's oldest profession is right up there with the big profiteers. Revenues estimated at $108 billion. One prostitute can make her pimp up to $250,000 a year!

COUNTERFEIT: Yes, fake Gucci, Prada, Versace, Dolce and other name-brand products bring in quite a whopping profit. Technology and pharmaceuticals also add to the pot. Here's a run-down of the revenues collected:

• Counterfeit technology products: $100 billion

• Counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs: $75 billion

• Web video piracy: $60 billion

• Software piracy: $51.4 billion

• Movie piracy: $18.2 billion

• Counterfeit auto parts: $16 billion

SPORTS; In the U.S. alone, the top four, known as "Big 4″–NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB–bring in $17 billion in annual revenue.Add the rest of the sports played both here and abroad and we figure is approximately $3.4 billion.

GAMBLING: 2009 gambling revenue in the U.S was $33 billion and that's not factoring illegal gambling, which reportedly racks up an additional $380 billion annually. Then there is the global gambling meccas like Monte Carlo, Macau and Estonia.

ALCOHOL: The combined revenue of the world's top five alcohol companies,$227 billion. depending on addicts and alcohol lovers to drink up!

PORNOGRAPHY: No one reportedly knows just how big this industry is but estimates has the porn industry at $97 billion as of 2006. I'm quite sure it's much more than that.

PHARMACEUTICALS: This market is estimated to be worth more than $700 billion.

ENTERTAINMENT: We all need to release and relieve stress, so this industry has remarkable staying power. The U.S. is reportedly the biggest entertainment market in the world, with an estimated $726 billion revenue. Globally, Asia has a projected $425 billion, with China allegedly poised to overtake the U.S. by 2050.


Shocking. Disturbing. Inhumane. This is considered a business by many sick folks globally. Worth $32 billion today, it's said to be one of the fastest growing organised crime currently. Girls and women make up the bulk of this despicable trade, and many are kidnapped from their homeland or tricked into this modern day slavery.