Veronica Roberts

October 27, 2010, Japan]------"Nurse" Actroid-F may be coming to a hospital near you in the not too distant future.

She looks remarkably life-like, doesn't she? Actroid-F is a robot, an improved version of Actroid, the humanoid unveiled in 2005 by Japan's Kokoro Co. Ltd. and ATR.

This current bot can mimic human expressions and motions, such as smiling, blinking, head movements frowning, with uncanny accuracy.

Actroid-F's current job is to monitor patients by acting, "as an observer in hospitals to gauge patient reactions," and KoKoro reportedly said that patients have responded favorable to the test bots.

According to Cnet News, the Japanese company Kokoro, already has plans to sell 50 of these fem-bots to hospitals and museums for roles like receptionists duties, patient attendants and guides.

The Actroid-Fs will retail for a whooping $110,000 each, says cnet.

Now if she gives you the wrong dosage by accident, who will be charged ? This technological advancement will be sure to send us into uncharted territory, with a host of creepy possibilities!