Veronica Roberts

October 26, 2010, Reading, PA]-----Just when you think you can no longer be stunned by human cruelty and evil, the wind is knocked out of you anew.

A Reading, Pennsylvania mother was arrested for allegedly secretly giving birth to 4 babies, murdering them and then hiding their bodies in the closet of her home. All this abject inhumanity so she can hide her extra-marital affair.

According to news reports, 44 year old, Michele Kalina, was charged with criminal homicide on Monday, October 25th, when DNA confirmed that the bodies of the babies found in her home 2 months ago, were hers.

Berks County District Attorney John Adams, reportedly told the press that 3 of the 4 babies were fathered by Kalina's boyfriend, whose identity has not been released.

Neighbors and friends reportedly said no one knew Kalina, who was a nurse's aide, was even pregnant.

Police made the gruesome, bizarre discovery, when Kalina's 19 year old daughter told them about the bodies.

The bodies of the babies had already decomposed so police found the skeletal remains. One was entombed in cement.

There was reportedly a fifth baby, that was discarded like trash in a dumpster, but police could not link this baby to her.

A sixth child was given up for adoption in 2003.

The cause of death could not be positively determined, but authorities have reportedly attributed the deaths to neglect, starvation and asphyxiation.

Husband, Jeffrey Kalina,has not been arrested and reportedly knew nothing of the dead babies, but suspected his wife of being pregnant once.

The boyfriend said he too did not know of the pregnancies and said Kalina explained that her swollen belly was due to ovarian cysts.

A seventh child, 13 years old, had died from cerebral palsy in 2000. Her husband was allegedly the father.