Maryann Tobin

A panel created by the Obama Administration to investigate the BP Gulf oil spill has turned up information that is making the White House look bad. The BP cover up and media blackout that plagued every stage of the Deepwater Horizon disaster is slowly beginning to be stripped away. Behind the black curtain of silence was public deception and deliberate acts to block critical information.

"When some government scientists sought to publicize their long-term worst case figures they were blocked by the White House Office of management and budget," according to the panels' report.

Then in August when the oil leak was capped, the government misrepresented figures to downplay the aftermath of the oil spill by claiming that almost all the oil had ‘disappeared.'

In reality, most of the oil BP spilled is still in the Gulf of Mexico. And while it is no longer floating on the surface, there is a layer of partially decomposed oil smothering the microscopic base of the food chain on the sea floor. This sunken, chemical-laden toxic blanket will continue to kill the ecosystem for decades, according to scientists.

The Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20, 2010 after a gas bubble violently escaped from the Macondo oil well. The disaster killed eleven crew members, thousands of birds, dolphins, endangered sea turtles and destroyed the livelihoods of fishermen in Louisiana and throughout Gulf waters. The runaway well was finally sealed with a bottom kill procedure on September 15, 2010.

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