Veronica Roberts

September 17,2010, Allentown, PA]-----A minister in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was charged with killing his 2nd wife and police are investigating the death of his first wife, which they deem suspicious.

Minister Arthur "AB" Schirmer, of Reeders Methodist Church, was charged with murdering his 56 year old wife, Betty Shirmer in July, 2008. He was also charged with evidence tampering.

Police say the 62 year old Schirmer killed his 2nd wife, then staged it to look like a car accident. However the plot fell apart 4 months after, when the husband of a woman he was having an affair with, committed suicide in his church office, stated The Associated Press.

The Minister's alleged cover story was he had hit a deer on his way to taking his wife to the hospital for jaw pain. This collision caused him to run off the road.

Police didn't find that version of the incident credible because even though the accident was minor, his wife Betty suffered numerous injuries, including skull fractures and facials injuries so severe, that she later died at the hospital.

Not being able to prove foul play, Mrs. Schirmer's death was ruled an accident, until the odd incident of the suicide at the church. Police reopened their investigation and found that the minister was having an affair with his secretary, Cindy Musante, widow of the suicide man.

According to the AP, Ms. Musante's Facebook profile shows pictures of her and the minister and in an e-mail, wrote, "My only comment is ... 'I love A.B. with all my heart and support him 100%'!"

Another believer in his innnocence is his daughter by his first wife, 39 year old Amy Wolfgang. She reportedly told the AP in a telephone interview,"As far as our family is concerned, we love him and totally support him--We are completely supporting him, and absolutely love him to death.''

The minister's 1st wife death is now being investigated. Police reports states the minister reported finding Jewel Schirmer at the bottom of the stairs in the basement, lying in a pool of blood. Like his 2nd wife, she too had fractures to the skull, face, arms and upper body.Her death was ruled an accident at the time.

Despite how his 2 wives died, Schirmer allegedly told people that they both had died as a result of heart attacks.

Minister Schirmer was reportedly making plans to marry his 3rd wife, when he was arrested.

By Veronica P Roberts 9.17.10