Veronica Roberts

Update: Sept 16, 2010, Baltimore-----

A press conference held a few minutes ago has clarified the shooting incident at John Hopkins. After Mayor Rawlings praised the police and hospital security for handling the situation in what she called ""an efficient manner", she turned it over to the police.

Police has confirmed that the shooter is dead in what looks like an apparent murder-suicide. Police say another person was also shot dead.

The gunman who has been identified as Warren Davis, age 50, allegedly shot his sick mother, Jeanne Warren, before turning the gun on himself. Police say Davis had gotten some news on his mother's medical condition from the doctor around 11:11 a.m. upon which he seemed to get very distraught, pulled out a gun and shot the doctor in the abdomen.

He reportedly ran into his mother's room, brandishing the gun,where he remained sequesterd until 1:30 p.m. Police say when they stormed the room, Davis was lying on the floor, in an apparent suicide and his mother had also been shot dead.

The doctor's injuries are not life threathening but his identity has not been released.

Here is my earlier report:

Sept 16, 2010, Baltimore]---A doctor has recently been shot at John Hopkins Hospital, and has been rushed to surgery.

Police say they have the situation "under control" though the gunman is still not in custody.

The police spokesman said they were currently working on a "tactical operation" to apprehend the suspect, who they say is sequestered somewhere on the 8th floor, in the Nelson wing of the hospital. The hospital has been partially evacuated and police has urged people who need to visit the hospital, to do so.

Rumors say the gunman's mother is a patient at the hospital and that he is holed up in a room with her. Police say he is an African American male in his thirties, and that there may be a family member in the room with him but no other information was given. No motive was given for the shooting.

On the question of whether there were hostages being held, Police responded," we do not have any knowledge of there being any hostages involved."

CNN reported that the doctor is still being operating on at this time for injuries sustained in his stomach. The Hospital's website stated that the victim was a faculty doctor.

It also added that the main buildings have been temporarily restricted and that the Baltimore police, along with hospital security, have asked patients, visitors, employees and caregivers, to remain in their rooms or offices until further notice.

John Hopkins is one of the largest hospitals in the U.S. and has consistently made the top performing hospital lists published every year.

By Veronica P Roberts 9.16.10