Veronica Roberts

Sept. 14, 2010]-----Retired Porn star, Jenna Jameson has always maintained her total satisfaction, with her career choice, that is, but maybe the the most successful and recognizable sex kitten of the xxx-rated industry is having quiet regrets?

A fox news report recently quoted her as saying, when asked if she would recommend porn careers for young girls,"No. It's a hard lifestyle and I made the choice and I was able to get through it unscathed but I don't recommend it to anybody.”

Ms. Jameson has given up getting "down and dirty nasty" on screen and is quite the study in domestication these days. She is now retired and the busy mother of one year old twin girls, while penning her second book and dating UFC champ, Tito Ortez.

Incidentally, Tito had been arrested about 4 month ago on a domestic abuse charge against Ms. Jameson.

However, the two seemed to have kissed and made up because they were a sexily radiant and smiling couple on the white carpet of the recent MTV VMAs, in Los Angeles, reports Fox.

By Veronica P Roberts 9.14.10