Veronica Roberts

September 2, 2010, NC]----10 babies have died under sudden and mysterious conditions at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and the U.S. army is investigating the cause.

According to the Associate Press, all the babies were under 8 months old and the deaths go way back to 2007. Two of the deaths had been officially labeled "infant crib death" but the remaining 8 have never been adequately explained.

Parents have been talking and some believe their children are dying because of the toxic drywall used in the base housing. The drywall was imported from China and used not only in homes in Fort Bragg, but in many other homes across the United States.

One, Spc. Nathanael Duke and his wife, Krystyna, told AOL News that after they lost their 6-week-old son, Gabriel, in March, investigators removed chunks of drywall and carpeting and sent them to a lab. They were later told," the sample over Gabriel's bed tested positive for Chinese drywall...get out of the house, seek medical attention, do not wait," the couple reportedly said in a local tv interview.

The AP stated, that in one case, 2 babies died at the same home in 2009. A third baby who had spent time at the same house, also died later at another address.

Brig. Gen. Michael Garrett, chief of staff of the 18th Airborne Corps is reported as saying,''We're going to figure this out--we cannot explain two deaths of children at one address, and that's really the problem we're trying to solve."

In a press conference held on Tuesday, August 31, Army personnel, said they did not attribute the deaths to foul play and were "conducting tests on the air, building materials and other elements at the on-base housing where the deaths occurred."

Toxic drywalls imported from China at a cheaper rate and used in numerous homes in this country, have become a silent killer. The drywall emits fumes that are deadly. I've seen many reports of families devastated after, unknowingly purchasing a new home, only to find out after, that the deadly drywall was used.

I saw a family from Florida, who has to sit outside their home everyday, because the deadly fumes inside was unbearable to breathe or smell. As bad as that is, they are lucky they live in a hot climate, where the heat makes the drywall fumes emitted, give off an odor. Experts say, in the colder climate of other parts of the U.S., the fumes might be odorless. This is even more deadly for the toxic drywall now becomes a silent killer.

How many people are oblivious to this deadly material lurking silently in their homes? More importantly, what is the government doing about it? We have new homes being built cheaply and speedily all across this country, especially in New Orleans. Are we continuing to put people in toxic homes?

By Veronica P Roberts 9.2.10