Veronica Roberts

August 26, 2010, Sri Lanka]-----Inhumanity has reached a new height, when a Saudi Arabian family allegedly hammered numerous nails into the body of their maid as punishment.

The Sri Lanka Daily News reported that woman told her children about the abuse, when she fled back to her homeland.

Doctors reportedly discovered approximately 23 nails, some as long as 2 inches, shockingly buried in the maid's arms, forehead and legs. The woman later identified as Ariyawathi from the town of Matara, told Sri Lankan authorities that she was tortured by the Saudi family when they could not understand her and she them.

The report said she was also abused when she was too tired to work anymore and the Saudi family got angry.Ariyawathi said she worked from dusk till dawn and beyond..

General Manager H. Batagoda, of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) reportedly said on Tuesday,” The Bureau will take every action to get maximum compensation from the employer for the inhumane treatment he and his family had inflicted on the maid by inserting nails in her body.”

By Veronica P Roberts 8.26.10