Veronica Roberts

August 8, 2010, Harlem NY]-----5 civilians and 2 Police Officers were shot early this morning in NYC. One of the civilians later died in the hospital.

According to NYPD spokesman Sgt. Carlos Nieves, the shooting occurred early Sunday, around 2:30 a.m., near 144th St. and 145 St. in Harlem New York.

The Associated Press reported that Angel Alvarez, 23, shot and killed Luis Soto 22, then turned around and had a shoot-out with 5 responding police officers.

Alvarez's family said he was shot 21 times by Police but survived and is still hospitalized. 3 other civilians were shot in the exchange and are reportedly hospitalized. One of the Police Officers shot, Officer Michael Tedeschi, 36, is also hospitalized at Columbia Presbyterian. The other, Officer Alfredo Vargas, 28, was treated for minor injuries and released.

No details on what caused the shooting incident was available as Police are still sorting out what happened. There was reportedly a BBQ taking place with an estimated 500 people crowding the event.

Sgt. Nieves told The Associated Press,"I still have people at the scene and don't have a working story yet.....It's unknown whether they're (the civilians) suspects or victims of a previous shooting or whatever."

I will bring you updates as they become available.

By Veronica P Roberts 8.8.10